Differentiation of materials according to application

There are different requirements for the product properties, which are associated with the use of different materials and material combinations. We primarily process Profiles in PVC hard and soft in Co-extrusion, ABS, PS, TPU in combination with ASA, SEBS in Co-extrusion with PS, PC, PMMA crystal clear or opaque etc.

We colour our profiles according to customer requirements and thus offer our customers a variety of possibilities.

Recycling Profiles 
ProForm uses its own granulate returns and start-up material for certain profiles. The return flow is conditional used in the case of colour profiles with paper, various undertones and chrome surfaces. In 2019 ProForm has nearly 100 tons of material for various products as return material back into the production process. We have achieved a co2 saving of approx. 50 % compared to the new material.

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