Furniture profiles

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Our range includes:

  • Decorative ornamental profiles
  • Tube profiles
  • Technical profiles
  • Co-extruded profiles

Decorative Profiles

Design profiles made of PS (ABS) suitable for the furniture industry, shopfitting and interior decoration.

Foiling: hot stamping and paper wrapping.

Adhesive Tape: TESA 4970 / 51970 / 62932 (in 4 mm und 9 mm).

Profildimensions: 3 x 3 mm / 5 x 1,2 mm / 5 x 4 mm / 5,3 x 2 mm/

6 x 1 mm / 6 x 4,3 mm / 8 x 1 mm/ 10 x 1,2 mm / 10 x 2 mm.

Before application, dhesive tape should be tested on the different surfaces.

Tube Profiles/Hollow Section Profiles

Profiles for the furniture industry, mainly made from ABS, PS, PVC etc., attractively embossed with decorative hot stamping foil. Available in one colour, varnished or coated in paper foil.

Processing involves cutting to the dimensions required. Accessories / adapters for furniture feet available in several designs.

Functional Profiles

Profiles for the furniture industry, such as guide rails for furniture with sliding doors, brush seal profiles and brackets as screens. Made mainly from ABS, PVC and PS, each in one colour. Equipped with brush seals, for example, and adhesive tape for fixing. Additional fixing options include screwing, clamping and bolting.

Handle Profiles

Profiles for the furniture industry. Made mainly from ABS and PS coloured Material or in translucent, embossed with decorative hot stamping foil. Accessories in the form of adapters available for the entire portfolio, some in several versions. Drilled holes with thread available on demand.

Technical profile exclusiv

Profiles made of, for example, ABS TPU; PVC coextruded profiles; PS with SEBS.

Foils for hot stamping for example

For decorative profiles, used for tubular profiles, decorative profiles, flat profiles etc.

Field of application also in shopfitting.

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