Window Bars

Self-Adhesive Decorative Window Bars with Sealing Lips

For use inside and outside, for manufacturing or retrofitting windows with bars. Bar profile in white tones or covered in foil with lips in black, grey and white, weather-resistant and anti-aging foam tape. Window bars in PVC U window quality, new goods. With RAL-tested TPE soft lip material. Acrylate foam tape quality, weather-resistant and anti-aging, permanently elastic, certified by ift-Rosenheim.

Wood and one-colour decorative window bars covered in weather-resistant and anti-aging Renolit MBAS or Cova foil. Window bars can be used with and without spacers (Georgian bars) in insulating glass.

Standard decors: 
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Design Window Bars

D48 x 9 / D48 x 12, D36 x 9 / D36 x 12, D30 x 9


For rounded and nostalgically formed window casement systems. Visually appealing bar layout when used in combination, e.g. vertical D36 x 12, horizontal D30 x 9. In the meanwhile the product range has been extended in D36 x 9 and D48 x 9. Simple 30° cross joint cut and visible faces that appear to have the same width.

Soft Bars

S26, S36, S46 and S76, 10 mm construction height

Bars with simple and straight contours, suitable for corresponding window casement systems.

Simple 15° cross joint cut with limited visibility of the bar lips. 4 bar widths offer a wide range of combination possibilities, e.g. accentuation of lower and upper part of the window and nostalgic window bar design.

Trapezoid/Nostalgic Window Bars

Trapezoid Window Bars G18 x 10, G35 x 13

Antique window bars for the architectural design of window casement systems with bevelled profile design and long lips. G 18 x 10 for smaller window units and fulfilling requirements for the protection of historical monuments. Comply with the special cutting notes for the 45° cross joint in accordance with the installation instructions.

Nostalgic Window Bars G22 x 10

Nostalgic window bars for a visually appealing bar design. For appropriate window casement systems, small windows or to fulfil specifications relating to historical buildings. Bar design with long lips enables easy adhesion following cross joint cutting. Installation notes with cutting equipment. We can supply special cutters.

Glass Window Bars

G20, G25, G45 and G75, 13 mm construction height

Traditional glass bars with 8° side bevelling and long lips. Suitable for the standard widths of the spacers (Georgian bars) in the space between the insulating glass. Comply with special cutting notes in accordance with the installation instructions.

Flat Window Bars

G27, G47 and G77, 8 mm construction height

Bars for small glass holding strips when using noise insulation glass or angled window casements edges, i.e. where bar height 10 mm or 13 mm cannot be used. Can be combined inside/outside with G25, G45 and G75 because of exactly equal widths. Simple cross joint cutting 45° in a template permits the use of quick tack bonding technology.

Window Profiles with Decorative Casing

Renolit MBAS, Hornschuch and Cova foils, weather-resistant and anti-aging, wood and one-colour decoration, glass window bars – black sealing lip, flat rails – coloured sealing lip.


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